The Demands in This Rapidly Evolving Industry are Great.

Perhaps nowhere is this more paramount than in the communication industry where public demands are incredibly high. The public expects to pick up a cell phone and experience seamless communication — without glitches — as technology advances. But that only happens where there is exacting service by alert, well-trained technicians who know the industry. We are committed at MAXTransmit to providing exceptional technicians who won’t let our customers or the public down.



Our Technicians are Led by Project Managers who are Experts in This Service Industry.

At each site, the project manager provides the initial analysis, reviewing the service plans with a team of technicians to ensure that our standards of quality, control, and excellence are in place. The project manager is responsible for the final result, so when the project manager leaves, we are confident of our customer’s approval.

With each of the 3,000 sites where our technicians provided services last year, we continued to build our customer’s confidence in our commitment to provide timely, quality service. This is a result of dedication to:

  • our unique, carefully orchestrated logistics;
  • our training and re-training of career quality technicians; and
  • our project managers’ oversight of each service.

We invite you to contact us regarding your telecommunication service needs. Our ingenuity and dedication are our pledge to be able to handle any of your service needs. We are your ally in providing maximum transmission of your telecommunications data.